Welcome to Rebel Vac

Rebel has the in-house expertise to design and manufacture each vacuum system to match the specific requirements of your application. The management of Rebel has been an industry leader in creating vacuum systems since the late 70's.


Our equipment has been shipped for operation to Alaska, South America, Middle East, Europe as well as our local Canadian markets.

Your needs are unique, and at Rebel we are proud to manufacture each of our vacuum systems with a focus on high quality craftsmanship, designed and tailored to your specifications. We are consistently innovative and committed to greater efficiencies and performances. Each Rebel unit is created to offer to you the most powerful, user-friendly and reliable unit on the market.

Our vacuum systems are operating in some of the toughest environments possible: transporting dangerous goods, fluids, wastes and solids; environmental cleanups and spills, tank cleaning, and disposing of septic materials. You'll find our units performing in the oilfield, mining, industrial, environmental, municipal applications.

Rebel complies with all Canadian federal and provincial government safety regulations. Certifications include:

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